Royal Canin Sensitivity Control and Other Special Dog Food Products

Manufacturers of pet products are thanking new media and technology today. The Internet, mobile phones, and cable TV have been significant in making more and more people aware of the importance and how-to’s of caring for animals, particularly for pets. This opened new business lines and given them increased number of customers. For dog food products alone, their makers have launched highly specialized canned and dry food for canines with extraordinary needs.

The Royal Canin Sensitivity Control line for canine is available in dry and canned food. It is a whole selection of nutritional support for your dogs when you’re concerned with their food intolerance, diarrhea, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or food allergies that bring your furry pal atopic dermatitis, acute gastroenteritis, and other dermatological and/or gastrointestinal problems.

Protein and carbohydrates in a bag or tin of this product come only from duck and tapioca, which are safe sources in terms of food allergies. Free from any gluten or lactose, this product also contains fish oil, sugar beet pulp, and prebiotics for added digestive support for your dog. Other nutritional contents include biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid with zinc.

If your dog has sensitive skin, there are also products out there that are aimed to help treat this problem. Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Skin is one of them. Avoiding the flaky and itchy skin on your pet can be done with a balanced nutrition that specially targets the skin. This product has high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help your dog to have healthier skin and coat. It also promotes overall health with its antioxidants like vitamins C and E and beta carotene.

Sometimes you love your pet so much that you feed them more than you should. Or there are pets that simply need to exercise more than the others. If you’ve got a canine that has some weight loss or maintenance issues, there are also bags of pet nutrition specifically made for this concern. The Fresh Mix Weight Management product of the Artemis dog food company is a grain-based kibble containing a moderate amount of chicken or lamb meal for protein source. This holistic diet, which has been formulated by veterinarians, contains all-natural ingredients including brown rice, oatmeal, fresh chicken, hormone-free turkey, and salmon. Its carefully selected fruits and vegetables also make it a good source of vitamins and minerals. Each serving of this special nutrition has lower fat and protein content than most dog food, but gives a complete dose of amino acids for your pet and promotes lean muscle tone and high energy.

Like their masters, dogs that are in their senior years require a different set of nutrients to keep them healthy. Pet food manufacturers have also ensured this concern is addressed. Holistic Select makes Vitalize Senior Health Chicken and Rice Recipe is one pet nutrition product that’s specifically created for older dogs. The product’s premium proteins, wholesome grains and healthy fat content are good for aging dogs that usually have slowing metabolism. It also has glucosamine for hips and joints and taurine for the heart and eyes.

So, if your canine has special nutritional needs, make sure you check which nutrients are needed and which foods to avoid. You’ll surely find a pet food product that will fit your pet’s requirements.

How to Launch a High Octane Business Part 1

Momentum! High Octane Businesses Ownership (Hi-OBo) is all about fueling business ownership from the “inside” out! Are you frustrated in the marketplace? Are you tired of being a consumer, mainly and not a producer? Is the thought of owning your own business rising in intensity? Would you be willing to move your ideas from your own private collection of thoughts to the marketplace? If you answered yes, you are on your way to making some really BIG decisions about your future! Join come in a series of articles that talk about fueling High Octane Business Ownership!

What is Hi-OBo?

It is all about YOU, the owner. High Octane Business Owners understand the power of authenticity, transparency and accountability. Your motivation for business ownership extends beyond personal wealth and influence and into community engagement, investment and leadership. You move past being “the” boss and into being “a” leader who is led by a core set of values and beliefs that guide your High Octane Business. These principles of doing business define who you are as a person and the type of company consumers will expect to be engaged by in the marketplace.

How to Know if You Are a Fit for Hi-OBo?

High Octane Business Ownership believes the natural propulsion of their business is in direct correlation to their willingness to be authentic, transparent and accountable first to themselves and then to their community of consumers. High Octane Business Ownership is fueled by individual passion and commitment. Such a commitment puts the hype… the excitement back into business planning, thinking and dreaming. You tackle the uncertainties of business ownership by having an unshakeable faith in your product, your brand and your vision. Because you are transparent, the process of business ownership is not cumbersome or overbearing; you see it as a natural pathway to reaching your goal. It has a rhythm that looks like, and moves like it has a purpose. You define the tempo but not the intensity.

So what is the difference between Hi-OBo and other business ownership models?

Authenticity, Transparency and Accountability at all levels of the business begins with you, the owner! Most business ownership models are built on traditional frameworks that focus less on the values and beliefs of the visionary and more on the vision, mission and bottom-line of the business. The High Octane Business Ownership Model purports that you, the business owner, has a responsibility to guide your business with personal integrity by modeling behavior that is representative of your personal beliefs. With this understanding, you are positioning your business for the long haul as being different; driving business profits and capturing market.

Part 2 of this article takes a closer look at the role authenticity, transparency and accountability plays in launching a High Octane Business. Remember, as a High Octane Business Owner, there is no slowing down… you are challenged to keep pace with your dream by fueling your business with faith in YOU-your product, your brand and your vision!

Nine Tips on How to Get Your Product Samples Into the Hands of the Media

Are you about to publish a book, launch a new baby stroller or games gizmo? Maybe you’ve produced a new range of teas?If you’re doing your own PR, one of the best ways to increase the chance of the media thinking your new product is as good as you do, is to give samples to them. Sometimes, the media will request a sample to review or test. Regardless, you can be proactive in sending out media samples yourself.Below are nine tips to make sure your product makes an impact with the media:1. Be picky. Even if your product costs less than $20, that doesn’t mean you should go and send it to any journalist, randomly. You have to get your product to those journalists who reach your target market. Using tailored media lists such as ‘new product’ lists and your own research will help give you an idea of who these journalists are.2. Ask before you send. Especially if your product is expensive, you need to ask a particular media person if they are interested in receiving the sample. Otherwise, you are wasting money and time giving samples away without any media coverage to show for it.3. Don’t send your sample out alone. Think about including:a press release
product information
instructions for how to use your product
product photos
additional items a person may need when testing your product (eg batteries)
your contact information4. Showcase your best. Don’t be skimpy; provide only the best of what you have to offer.5. Ship safely. Pack your product properly to make sure it arrives in good condition. If you have a breakable product, pack it securely.6. Be clear about returns. You may want the journalist to keep your sample. However, company policy may restrict them from doing so. It can also depend on the nature of your product. Perishable items can’t be returned. Neither can products that are personal in nature such as underwear. If your product is too expensive to give away make it clear that you are loaning the item for testing and review, and have clear guidelines on when it needs to be returned.7. Follow up. Now you’ve sent your samples, follow up the journalist to see what their response is. This can be done simply by email, or a quick phone call.8. Keep track. Keep track of the samples you send, to whom, and the results. Don’t be troubled if you don’t get media exposure with each sample you send. That’s just not realistic. However, by monitoring your results, you’ll get an idea of which journalists are open to your pitches and which approaches work best.9. Send samples at the right time. Depending on the nature of your item, certain occasions are perfect for sending product samples, such as before Christmas. Keep in mind that most media outlets plan their content months in advance.Have you sent samples of your product to the media before? What results did you get? Share your experience in the comments below.

Funding New Business – Product Without High Cost Loans

One of the tallest hurdles facing new businesses and entrepreneurs is funding their new venture and the fact remains that securing loans for any new project is next to impossible. Many people are willing to put themselves in debt by maxing out their credit cards, using their savings and borrowing from family and friends to come with enough money to get their project off the ground.Face it, getting a new product to the market takes time and money and most times the money is going to be hard to come by. It is the experience of many entrepreneurs that it’s nearly impossible to get a loan for a new venture unless you prove to can the bank that you really don’t need the money. However, if you don’t need the cash, many banks will trip over each other to get their cash into your hands.There is a way to fund your project without borrowing money from banks, friends and family. While venture capitalists sometimes want more than a piece of your business, they will want to see one of their representatives involved in how your business operates before they put money into it. And, many times if things don’t work out the way they think it should, they can pull their money out leaving you broke.The best way to launch any new product or business, regardless of its scope, is to design a program that is self-funding, bringing in money for product development, packaging, marketing, advertising and sales. You believe in your product so strongly that you are willing to put all of your available financial resources into it, but there’s no reason you should have to. There is a way to find the funding without leaving you and your family without grocery money.Finding people, friends, relatives and total strangers with money waiting to be invested in a good product or in a valid business is never difficult. However, you will have to show them a good return for their willingness to help you get the business off the ground.