Simple Steps Needed To Successfully Launch A Product Online

Launching a new product can be both an exciting and a stressful time, especially after you’ve spent countless hours preparing to introduce your product to the public. But, rest assured, there are numerous ways to ensure that your product launch runs smoothly and successfully.

1. Know your target market. One of the first things you must do, before you even begin developing your product, is to identify your target market. To identify your target market, ask yourself the following questions:

a. In what age range does my target market fall?

b. What are my target market’s needs?

c. What level of education does my target market generally have?

d. What is my target market’s typical income level?

e. Is my product for all genders or only a specific gender?

Knowing your target market will allow you to tailor your product to their wants and needs. Additionally, you will be able to promote your product more effectively when you know what your target market expects from you.

2. Choose an effective launch date. Some days are just better for product launches than others. For example, launching on a Monday morning may not get you as many sales as launching on a Friday or Saturday. Consider your target market when you choose your launch date.

3. Create an irresistible offer. The first step to creating an irresistible offer is to identify how your product will benefit your target market. Once you know how your product is going to benefit your target market, you can develop an offer that will make it impossible for your target market not to purchase your product.

4. Announce your product launch. One of the best ways to announce a product launch is to send an email to those people on your list. Craft an enticing email that will excite readers about your upcoming launch.

5. Create pre-launch and post-launch buzz. You should begin promoting your product in the weeks leading to the product launch, but you must continue to advertise your product once it has already launched. There are dozens of simple (and free) ways you can promote your product, including.

a. Write a press release and submit it to online press release Web sites and to local media.

b. Write articles and submit them to article directories. Article marketing is a popular way of attracting buzz and of helping solidify you as an expert in your niche.

c. Start a blog and write entries about the benefits of your product.

d. Join message boards and post relevant information while promoting your product in your signature line, if allowed.

Regardless of the way you decide to promote your product, make sure you invest the time to create buzz around your product launch. And, keep advertising your product after your launch.

Nine Tips on How to Get Your Product Samples Into the Hands of the Media

Are you about to publish a book, launch a new baby stroller or games gizmo? Maybe you’ve produced a new range of teas?If you’re doing your own PR, one of the best ways to increase the chance of the media thinking your new product is as good as you do, is to give samples to them. Sometimes, the media will request a sample to review or test. Regardless, you can be proactive in sending out media samples yourself.Below are nine tips to make sure your product makes an impact with the media:1. Be picky. Even if your product costs less than $20, that doesn’t mean you should go and send it to any journalist, randomly. You have to get your product to those journalists who reach your target market. Using tailored media lists such as ‘new product’ lists and your own research will help give you an idea of who these journalists are.2. Ask before you send. Especially if your product is expensive, you need to ask a particular media person if they are interested in receiving the sample. Otherwise, you are wasting money and time giving samples away without any media coverage to show for it.3. Don’t send your sample out alone. Think about including:a press release
product information
instructions for how to use your product
product photos
additional items a person may need when testing your product (eg batteries)
your contact information4. Showcase your best. Don’t be skimpy; provide only the best of what you have to offer.5. Ship safely. Pack your product properly to make sure it arrives in good condition. If you have a breakable product, pack it securely.6. Be clear about returns. You may want the journalist to keep your sample. However, company policy may restrict them from doing so. It can also depend on the nature of your product. Perishable items can’t be returned. Neither can products that are personal in nature such as underwear. If your product is too expensive to give away make it clear that you are loaning the item for testing and review, and have clear guidelines on when it needs to be returned.7. Follow up. Now you’ve sent your samples, follow up the journalist to see what their response is. This can be done simply by email, or a quick phone call.8. Keep track. Keep track of the samples you send, to whom, and the results. Don’t be troubled if you don’t get media exposure with each sample you send. That’s just not realistic. However, by monitoring your results, you’ll get an idea of which journalists are open to your pitches and which approaches work best.9. Send samples at the right time. Depending on the nature of your item, certain occasions are perfect for sending product samples, such as before Christmas. Keep in mind that most media outlets plan their content months in advance.Have you sent samples of your product to the media before? What results did you get? Share your experience in the comments below.

Are You Only A Spender On Internet Marketing Product Launches?

This article is targeted to newbies in the online marketing industry or those that aren’t new yet continually buy new products without ever really putting previous purchases into practice or are simply continual money spenders. It involves some things to think about before jumping onto a future “big launch”. I hope you benefit from it!

I have heard people say that it is very difficult to keep up with the online marketing industry since there is something new happening every day. Product launches today are as frequent as ever. That is only partly true. What I am about to reveal will save many a lot of frustration.

If you completely believe that things are always changing and you must keep up with it via buying every latest, greatest product that gets launched, you will always be filled with overload and feel as though the weight of the world is constantly pounding your shoulders. You will then never get anything done. Every time a product owner says “buy now” you’ll buy. You’ll think that this latest product launch is the secret to solving everything. The actual result though is that each month after every product launch, you keep falling a month further behind in terms of having a business that actually works or succeeding with online marketing.

Here’s the real truth: A clear majority (90%) of what’s “new and different’ is completely irrelevant. A waste of your precious time. Only 10% is ever going to make a difference for you.

The basics to online marketing have been the same ever since the late 1990s. Taking the perspective of actually selling things to people, there are only about a dozen things that have been major developments. These include:

Online auctions
Shopping carts
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social media / social networking i.e. Facebook and Twitter
Live chat / instant messaging
Blog software
Streaming audio & video e.g. YouTube
In other words there’s only about one major development per year. Not 100!

You are correct in arguing that within all these there are other smaller major developments. But “there’s nothing new under the sun”. This is not being pessimistic; it’s allows for you massive time savings. Bill Gates said computers would increase leisure time by 30%. Hmm, is that correct for when you look around today? How many instead reveal the opposite having a job (or jobs), looking after the kids, family time, sport and recreation and any other appointments?

Success comes from mastering the basics, not from widespread panic or continual change and movement. The surface of this industry is always changing but the core aspects of main importance stay generally the same. As you master the core principles, you rapidly see how to apply them when new things pop-up and come along. When you can immediately recognize what part of a product launch or brand new whiz-bang item is not new, that’s when you have the ability to profit from it. Not everything that was old becomes new again

I can 100% guarantee that over the next few years and probably forever, new innovations will arise that are currently unimagined. Billion dollar empires will emerge from nowhere. This will lead to a multitude of people yelling and shouting at you, urging you to join the bandwagon. But you will discover that the “hype-sters” won’t know how to use what’s new because they never understood what worked before. The reason why people go from 0 to freedom in such speed is because they focus and master what they want or have chosen to succeed with.

Consider that when you learn from masters. Therefore when you hone your skills like a master, instead of being the frantic, distracted, chaotic blue belt, you can be the calm, confident, cool as a cucumber black belt. You can be that champion who quietly steps onto the mat and demolishes his opponent with three lightning-speed strikes. Without so much as breaking a sweat.